The Prefectural Advisor (PA) System was originally created in 1991 to help better support the participants of the JET Programme. The PAs work together to try to help resolve problems to make life in Chiba more comfortable for JETs and Chiba-WI ALTs. The PAs have training, experience and knowledge of Japanese culture, language, workplaces and education that you can draw on to make your decisions and address problems. Contact details for the PAs are listed below.
Please feel free to contact any us anytime, regardless of our proximity to you in the prefecture.

What do we do?

In addition to our regular jobs as a CIR or PC, we provide a variety of support for JETs and Chiba-WI ALTs, the most important of which are listed below.


You can also consult your PAs when addressing problems that are work-related or arise from cultural differences, educational differences, or any other practical problems that you encounter. You can talk to us about culture shock, burnout, depression, contracts, holidays, team-teaching, work relations, cultural relations, communication problems, or anything else on your mind. Confidentiality is strictly upheld in all consultations. The only exception to this is if a JET poses an imminent threat to themselves or others.

As of August 2014, PAs are no longer responsible for counseling. PAs are NOT counselors; if you need professional counseling, a PA can help arrange for a referral to a professional. (More information on mental health resources here)

Also, PAs (and CLAIR) are NOT your employer, nor are PAs above you or your employer. Many issues such as taking leave and managing workload can only be solved by communicating with your contracting organization. Before consulting with a PA, please talk to your supervisor to see if they can help you solve the problem.


If you face a dispute with another party, for example a fellow ALT, CIR, or a supervisor, your PA can offer mediation services to ensure effective communication and dialog to help address the problem. We can also offer a listening ear and advice on approaching the problem. If all parties agree we can also offer our services in person to the parties involved. This would involve identifying common and individual needs, and then ways to achieve as many of them as possible. During mediation, PAs represent all parties involved and therefore cannot assure confidentiality.

Crisis Response and Management

Although it is best to contact us during normal working hours or schedule an appointment, if a crisis situation or emergency occurs, you can contact us immediately and at any time. Such situations could include medical emergencies, crime incidents, bereavement, natural disaster, physical or mental trauma and personal crises, including suicidal or violent thoughts. We will try to help you manage and deal with any such crises.
*It's important to note however that PAs are not professional counselors. If a PA feels the situation requires more expertise, with your consent, the PA will help arrange for a referral to an appropriate professional.*

Other PA Activities

  • The PAs create a yearly map of where all the JETs and WI-ALTs in Chiba are situated, as well as compile a directory with everyone's contact information. The directory is only shared between the PAs, and is used to keep the community regularly updated with relevant information, and to contact people in case of an emergency.
  • Although anyone can edit our website, the PAs in particular try to keep pertinent information up to date. Thousand Leaves is a treasure chest of useful information regarding local information, important documents, travel, language and more!

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Who Are the PAs, and What Do Each of You Actually Do?

Counseling, mediation, and providing information are all common activities of the PAs.
Below describes the unique characteristics of each position. Even if you get confused about who is best to ask, just drop us a line and we can also help point you in the best direction.
Zach K. (Chiba Prefecture International Affairs Division CIR/PA):
  • JET Programme administrative matters
  • Chiba Orientation, block meetings, May Meeting planning
  • Periodical PA e-mails (notices from CLAIR for JETs, administrative stuff, event news, etc.)
Zach P. (Chiba Prefectural Board of Education Wisconsin ALT Program Coordinator (PC)/PA):
  • Chiba WI-ALT administrative matters
  • Advice on teaching techniques/where to find teaching resources
  • Wisconsin Fall & Spring meetings and ALT Skills Development Conference planning
Mr. Jiro Ikeda (Japanese Prefectural Advisor (JPA)):
  • Located in the International Affairs Division
  • Communicates with Contracting Organizations about conferences and other announcements from CLAIR, MEXT, Chiba Prefecture, etc.
  • Works with the JET PA to plan conferences and receive consultations
Mr. Yasuo Kato (Chiba Prefectural Board of Education):
  • Located in the Supervisors Division of the Prefectural BOE
  • Communicates with Contracting Organizations about conferences and other announcements from CLAIR, MEXT, Chiba Prefecture, etc.
  • Works with the Wisconsin PC to plan conferences and receive consultations
  • Last year's supervisor, Mr. Hideo Mori, as well as Mr. Saishu also help with Wisconsin ALT matters.

Contact Information

Zachary Krause
Chiba Prefecture International Affairs Division
Coordinator for International Relations (CIR)/PA
Office hours: (Mon.-Fri.) 8:30am-4:30pm
TEL: 043-223-2398 FAX: 043-224-2631
E-mail: chibapa at

(Emergency contact information)
Cell phone: 090-6703-3540
E-mail: chibakenpa at
Zachary Price
Chiba Prefecture Board of Education Supervisors Division
WI-ALT Program Coordinator (PC)/PA
Office hours: (Mon.-Fri.) 8:30-4:30
TEL: 043-223-4059 FAX:043-221-6580
E-mail: zpris at

(Emergency contact information)
Cell phone:
E-mail: zach.jordan.price at
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