The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, also known as MEXT or the monbukagakusho makes the national curriculum guidelines or broad standards for all public schools from kindergartens through high school. These broad standards provide ALTs a background on how English courses are organized, lesson objectives and topics that students have previously been exposed to and will hopefully learn in the future.The Courses of Study for all subject areas are generally revised once every 10 years. For elementary and lower secondary schools (junior high schools) the course of study was revised on March 2008. For upper secondary schools (HS) and schools for special needs education, was revised in March 2009.

You can see The New Course of Study for elementary ~ high school below:
external image emoticon10.gif Elementary School
external image emoticon10.gif Junior High School
external image emoticon10.gif High School

For more information please see the MEXT website: