Chiba Support System
There are several elements in place to support JETs and Chiba WI-ALTs living in the Prefecture.

Prefectural Advisor (PA)

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The first and most versatile element of the support system is the Prefectural Advisor (PA). The PAs are employed by Chiba Prefecture, and are able to assist JETs and Chiba WI-ALTs out in many ways.

Block System (Block Coordinators)

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The block system was created to help the PA and PC confirm the Chiba JET/WI-ALT community's safety as quickly and efficiently as possible.

As they are situated in Chiba City, it may be difficult for the PAs to provide up-to-date, detailed information about each of Chiba Prefecture's 8 unique regions. Beginning summer 2012, this block system has been reorganized for sempai JETs/WI-ALTs to help support their neighbors as a block coordinator. Additionally, in the fall, there will be block meetings for each individual block as an opportunity for members of our Chiba community to share advice and information with one another.

Association for Japan Exchange and Teaching (AJET)

AJET ( is an independent organization that provides various resources and support for JETs across Japan. It is managed by the AJET National Council, which includes representatives of each Block of Japan (Chiba is in Block 4). While AJET is in principle for JETs, non-JETs are also included in many aspects. Contact the Block 4 Representative or join the Block 4 Facebook group for more information.

Each prefecture also has its own prefectural AJET chapter; Chiba has Chiba AJET. Chiba AJET has its own council, Facebook group, and events separate from the national level. All Chiba JETs and WI-ALTs are automatically invited to be members of Chiba AJET. For more information, check out the Chiba AJET website and Facebook group.

Support System Chart

(The charts below are current for the 2015-2016 year)


Chiba JET org structure.png


Chiba WI org structure.png

Support for those who are not JET/WI-ALTs

While this wiki and much of the information shared by PAs is geared towards JET/Wisconsin ALT Program participants, many of us work alongside other foreign residents, such as ALTs contracted through sister city programs or companies like Interac. Everyone is more than welcome to join events through Chiba AJET, and a great deal of the information on this wiki will be useful to all foreign residents in Chiba Prefecture. However, there are some differences in the services available to JETs/WI-ALTs and other members of our community.

Non-JETs/WI-ALTs do not attend Chiba Orientation or block meetings; they may attend ALT SDC if their contracting organization allows (contact a PA for more information). Only JETs may attend events like Tokyo Orientation, the CIR Mid-Year Conference, and the After-JET Conference. Only Wisconsin ALTs attend the Wisconsin Program summer, fall, and spring meetings.

Non-JETs/WI-ALTs can contact PAs for information, but there are limits in the PA's jurisdiction--for example, mediating between an ALT and his/her BOE. They probably won't have much luck calling the JET Line, but they can call the AJET Peer Support Group and will not be turned away even if they say they're not JET (however they cannot apply to be a PSG volunteer).

There are some more subtle differences, but this is a basic overview. Any questions or concerns about what is available to non-JETs/WI-ALTs or about anything on this wiki, please contact a PA.

Support hotlines

There are a number of resources to support you if you're having a difficult time and need to talk to someone.

Emergency numbers

  • Police - 110
  • Fire/Ambulance - 119

English support hotlines

Read more about hospitals and medical care, mental health resources, and special interest groups.
  • AJET Peer Support Group (PSG) or by Skype “AJETPSG” or by phone 050-5534-5566 (daily 20:00-7:00)
    For anonymous counseling from a trained JET somewhere in Japan. Best for issues that can be resolved with one phone call or require privacy. (Also available to WI-ALTs and other non-JETs)
  • Tokyo English Life Line (TELL) or by phone 03-5774-0992 (daily 9:00-23:00)
    Medical English hotline with lots of resources and counseling options in Tokyo.
  • International Mental Health Professionals Japan (IMHPJ) or email
    A network of English-speaking mental health professionals, many of whom are located in Tokyo. Dr. Jim McRae and Nan Yamada were members of the former Counseling System Committee that supported JETs and are familiar with the JET Program and ALT situation in general.
  • Chiba Convention Bureau and International Center or by phone 043-297-2966
    English is available 9:00 - 12:00 & 13:00 - 16:00, Monday through Friday.
  • ALT Advisor (educational matters - Tokyo): Every week Tuesday (2pm to 5pm) English and Japanese: 03-6734-3787