Package Delivery Notification (郵便物等お預かりのお知らせ)

If you are expecting a package from home or perhaps you did some online shopping, the package will probably arrive when you are at work. If it does, the post office will put a notice in your mailbox. It is a long slip that says something like "Undeliverable Item Notice". Your next step is to get them to deliver it again, when you are at home.

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Method 1: QR Barcode

Attached to the slip should be a QR barcode that you can scan on your phone. Regular keitai should have this automatically available, while smartphones can download an app like Bakodo. This method is easier because you don't have to listen to Japanese instructions and there's no time pressure.

  • Choose the date and time you want the package delivered:
  • Put in your daytime phone number (cell phone is fine)
You can put more information if you want but it's optional.

  • Click next.

  • There will be a page where you can confirm that the number on the screen matches the number you were given on your delivery notice, and then you're done!

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Method 2: Call the hotline

Have the slip of paper ready and call the hotline number listed. The first number is toll free and usually landlines only; the second number is for cell phones (and not free).


  • The recording will first ask you to press "米印, komejirushi" which means star/asterisk/* (but apparently pushing sharp/pound/# works too). After the steps it may ask you to confirm if something is correct: Press 1 to confirm and 3 to change it.
  • Input your zip code and the 2 digit number next to it, indicated by the ア.
  • Next you may put in your phone number, or this may be after the next step.
  • Then put in your tracking number (追跡番号, tsuiseki bangou) indicated by the イ.
  • Then put in what day you would like the package delivered. You have to input it as MM/DD, so for example, March 8th would be 0308.
  • Put in what time of day you would like it delivered according to the chart above your zip code. (No preference=0; Morning=1; 12-2PM=2; 2-5PM=3; 5-7PM=4; 7-9PM=5)
  • You will be asked to confirm everything one last time. Press 1 to confirm and 3 to change it.

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If you've done it correctly, you should get your package delivered at the time and date you indicated! If not, try a different method or ask a Japanese-speaking friend for help.

Download a similar guide as a PDF: