Here are some tips and tricks to make your life easier in Chiba, compiled by the pros who live here!



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Summer Survival
Keeping Cool
Best Beaches
Airism clothing from UNIQLO
Go to the Katsuura
Take a cold shower before bed
Buy a water bottle. Save $!!1
Air conditioner during the day, fan at night. Saves $¥
Katsuura--Hebara & Moriya #1
Kujukuri Beach (*best ramen in Chiba @ドラゴン)
Chikura + Shirahama (Minamiboso)
Choshi Marina!
Wadaura (Minamiboso)
Enoshima (Kanagawa Prefecture)
Stuff to Do
Other Tips
join Chiba's Classy Composers!
Swimming in Katsuura!
Surfing in Kujukuri & Katsuura
Music festivals is actually pretty useful for particular interests
CHI+BA-KUN Ambassador Program
Ice type deodorant paper (Gatsby!)
Air con TIMER
Eat ice cream
Close your windows/doors after dark so the roaches & giant spiders don't come in
Don't squish roaches, buy spray beforehand
Compiled by JETs at the May Meeting 2014


Winter Survival
Staying Warm
  • Invest in warm clothes and appliances (e.g. heat tech underwear, socks, kotatsu, space heater, humidifier/dehumidifier, electric blankets, etc. (winters can be very dry, putting some humidity into the air can help with not feeling so cold, esp. in the mornings).
  • Warm blankets and sheets; the foil sheets designed to reflect heat, works great under rugs/kotatsu and bed sheets (keeps you from jumping into an ice cold bed).
  • Disposable hot packs are great for anyone with bad circulation (Hokkairo is a popular brand) They have various types for all kinds of uses from hand warming to sticky pads that go on your socks.
  • Find a local hangout spot such as a cafe or something similar (they're usually heated and it's not your money spent on heating, plus it helps out local businesses).
  • Exercise! Moving keeps your body warm and relieves stress, not to mention keeping that beach body ready for beach season
  • Don't lose hope! There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Stress and depression can flare during the dark winter months.
  • Take advantage of your appliances' timer functions. There is nothing harder than getting out of your warm bed on a frosty morning. The timer can be set to warm your room before you wake up, making the transition easier and less painful.
  • Remember to turn off your appliances when not in use. It'll be easier on your wallet every month and there'll be less chance of an electrical fire in case something shorts or overheats. Same thing applies to non-electrical appliances such as gas stoves or heaters.


Download the Welcome to Chiba Guide (PDF) for an overview
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