Guide for Using and Editing the Wiki

This wiki is a collection of information compiled mainly by and for JETs and WI-ALTs. Please feel free to add to our collection of information so we have a store of knowledge to share with newcomers to Chiba and also to our fellow current residents.


  • How do I view the wiki? Why do I need an account?
    The wiki is now public, so anyone on the web can view pages, but only members can edit them. Making an account lets you edit your town's page with stuff only people living there would know! Making an account is free.

  • Why is there Chiba City stuff all over my town’s page?
    To keep the layout similar across pages, the template for each local page is based off of the Chiba City page. The Chiba City information has been left there as a formatting example, so feel free to delete it as you edit the page.

  • What kinds of things can I add to the wiki?
    Life guides like how to work your TV or washing machine, local restaurants and medical services, that watch store with the English-speaking owner, the cheapest place to rent DVDs, the best place to park by the beach, anything you can think of! Currently there is no information on schools/workplaces, so you can also give an overview of schools in the area/city offices--just remember that these pages are visible to anyone on the internet.

Style Guide

Please try to stick with the current wiki style and format so it's consistent, professional-looking, and easy to read.
  • Use Heading 1 or 2 for big topics and Heading 3 for small topics.
  • Use bullet points as appropriate
  • Use bold sparingly for emphasis, and color sparingly as necessary
  • Place a Table of Contents for long pages by going to Widget > Table of Contents > Embed a Table of Contents.
  • Use tables to organize information about restaurants, festivals, etc. so it's easy to read.
  • Use the "local page" template when making new pages for local municipalities.
  • When using terms for important documents and places, use English, Japanese in kanji, and romaji. (Ex. Chiba Prefecture (千葉県 chiba-ken))
  • When using romaji, stick to the style that is easiest for people to pronounce if they have some Japanese ability (for long o's and n'i)
  • Use correct spelling and grammar and a professional writing style.

Information Guide

We want as much information on the wiki as possible, and we want it to be appropriate, relevant, and properly organized.
  • Include whatever information you think would be useful to people living in Chiba/your town.
  • Include links to websites whenever possible, and to English websites also if they are available.
  • Include addresses if possible in addition to "across from AEON" style directions.
  • You can write about your schools/workplaces but remember to respect the privacy of your students and coworkers.
  • If you figure out how to do something, consider writing a how-to guide for the wiki!

Send any questions or suggestions regarding the wiki to a PA!