Basic information for JETs and WI-ALTs in Chiba:


Some local governments, international associations, and other organizations around Chiba publish newsletters to provide foreign residents with information about public services, upcoming events, etc. Keeping up with one (or more!) of these newsletters can help you up-to-date on things going on in your community.
  • Nanohana News: Published by the Chiba Prefecture International Affairs Division. Mainly provides tourist event information, but also sometimes includes news for foreign residents of Chiba Prefecture. Updated twice a month.
  • Chiba City International Association: Publishes a Chiba City Residential Newsletter
  • Kamogawa Communicator: Published by the Kamogawa International Relations Association. Provides the latest news on public services, KIRA activities, and local events. Published once a month.
  • Minamiboso English Newsletter: Published by the Minamiboso City CIR. Provides information on news, events, and more. Released about once a month.