Conferences and Meetings

This page lists the yearly conferences and meetings for JETs & Wisconsin ALTs.

Dress code

The dress code for Tokyo Orientation, ALT SDC, and CIR MYC is business: suit jacket & tie for men and similar for ladies.
The dress code for Chiba Orientation, Wisconsin Fall & Spring Meetings, Block Meetings, and May Meeting is business casual or "cool biz": jacket & tie optional, no jeans; clothing appropriate for school is fine (except jersey track suits of course).

Tokyo Orientation & Wisconsin Arrivals

July and August. Tokyo Orientation is a 3 day conference for new JETs held at the Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
  • New Wisconsin ALT Arrivals: Thursday, August 4 - Friday, August 5
  • Orientation A: Monday, July 25 - Wednesday, July 27 (July 24 Arrival)
  • Orientation B: Monday, August 1 - Wednesday, August 3 (July 31 Arrival)
  • Orientation C: Wednesday, August 22 - Friday, August 24

Chiba Orientation

August. This conference for new JETs and WI-ALTs provides information on living in Chiba, lesson planning ideas, travel, etc. Held at Qiball in Chiba City.
  • Chiba Orientation 2016: Friday, August 26
  • Chiba Orientation 2015: Friday, August 21
  • Chiba Orientation 2014: Friday, August 22

Fall Meeting

September. This is a meeting for WI-ALTs. Held at the Chiba Prefectural Education Hall (Main Hall) in Chiba City.
  • Fall Meeting 2015: Friday, September 25
  • Fall Meeting 2014: Friday, September 26

ALT Skills Development Conference (SDC)

October. Held at the Chiba Prefectural General Education Center in Makuhari, Chiba City.
  • ALT SDC 2016: Wednesday, October 26 - Thursday, October 27
  • ALT SDC 2015 - 2016: Wednesday, October 28 - Thursday, October 29
  • ALT SDC 2014-5: Wednesday, January 14 - Thursday, January 15

CIR Mid-Year Conference (MYC)

November. Held at the Tokyo Bay Makuhari Hall (APA Hotel & Resort) in Makuhari, Chiba City.
  • CIR MYC 2016: TBD
  • CIR MYC 2015: Wednesday, November 25 - Friday, November 27
  • CIR MYC 2014: Monday, December 1 - Wednesday, December 3

Block Meetings

February and March. Held at venues in each block and led by Block Coordinators.

Block Coordinator
1, 2, 4
Chiba City, Yachiyo, Narita, Yachimata
Kristen Roth
Monday, Feb 15
Chiba Prefectural Government
9F Meeting Room
Nagareyama, Matsudo, Kamagaya
David Klug
Thursday, Feb 25
Amuse Kashiwa 1F Meeting Room A
Choshi, Sosa, Asahi, Tako, Tohnosho
Claire Seney
Thursday, Feb 18
Sosa Yokaichiba Community Center 2F Meeting Room #2
Mobara, Togane, Oamishirasato, Kujukuri
Sean Luse
Friday, Feb 19
Oamishirasato City Hall Branch Hall 2F Conference Room
Katsuura, Kamogawa, Isumi, Ichinomiya, Onjuku
Jesse Robinson
Friday, March 11
Misaki Community Center 1F Meeting Room #2
Tateyama, Kimitsu, Minamiboso, Kyonan
Patrick Grimes
Friday, Feb 26
Tateyama Chuo Community Center 3F Meeting Room #3

Spring Meeting

May. Meeting for WI-ALTs.
  • Spring Meeting 2016: Friday, May 27
  • Spring Meeting 2014-5: TBD

May Meeting

May. For JETs. Held in Chiba City at the Prefectural Government Offices
  • May Meeting 2016: Friday, May 27 at Qiball
  • May Meeting 2014-5: TBD

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