Chiba Prefecture introduced the block system in summer 2012 in order to strengthen the connections between JETs and Chiba-WI ALTs living in the same areas. Blocks convene at orientations and conferences throughout the year, in addition to social meetings and block events.

Blocks in Chiba

The block system divides Chiba Prefecture into 8 blocks. The cities and towns for each block are listed below. (Cities/towns that do not host JETs or Chiba WI-ALTs are not listed.)
  • Block 1 (beige): Chiba City
  • Block 2 (orange): Yachiyo
  • Block 3 (red): Kamagaya, Matsudo, Nagareyama
  • Block 4 (yellow): Narita, Tohnosho, Yachimata
  • Block 5 (dark green): Tako, Asahi, Choshi, Sosa
  • Block 6 (light green): Kujukuri, Oamishirasato, Togane, Mobara
  • Block 7 (blue): Ichinomiya, Isumi, Katsuura, Onjuku, Kamogawa
  • Block 8 (purple): Kimitsu, Kyonan, Minamiboso, Tateyama
*Blocks 1, 2, and 4 are grouped together for block meetings.

Block Coordinators

Block coordinators are volunteers who actively share local information with new arrivals in their respective blocks. You can contact your block coordinator about local information such as where to buy stuff for your apartment, find interesting places, or show you a good place to meet locals. Block coordinators also keep in contact with the PAs to provide feedback and help with outreach and support.

The block coordinators are responsible for helping organize the November block meetings. Also, block coordinators attend Chiba Orientation to welcome new JETs and Chiba-WI ALTs, and give presentations concerning work and life in Chiba.

It is important to note that block leaders are not trained or expected to give counseling of any kind. If you require any form of counseling, mediation, consultation, help with work-related issues or any problems that you find difficult to deal with by yourself, please contact the PAs.

Current Block Coordinators

For a list of current BCs, please see the Conferences and Meetings page. The Block coordinators are listed under the yearly block meeting schedule.

Schedule for Block Meetings

The yearly block meetings are scheduled to be held between Early-February and Mid-March. Please see the Conferences and Meetings page for specific dates. If you have any questions about the block meetings, please contact a PA or block coordinator.