Isumi City (いすみ市; -shi) is located on the east coast of southern Chiba Prefecture on the Boso Peninsula. It is next to the Pacific Ocean and can experience humid summers but mild winters. There are approximately 41,014 people living in Isumi City as of March 1st, 2010. Isumi City was formed when the towns of Misaki, Ohara, and Kuniyoshi combined; including neighboring Otaki, Onjuku, and Katsuura, the area is known as 夷隅郡市 (Isumi gunshi). Note: Many of the older generations will refer to Kuniyoshi as Isumi-machi or Isumi. Kuniyoshi was the original Isumi before the merger. The old Isumi is written with kanji while Isumi City is written in hiragana.

Festivals, Events, Tourist Spots

Open July 18-August 20, 2015
Ohara Naked Festival (大原はだか祭り)
late September
Men and women in white festival wear and colored headbands representing the district they live in carry mikoshi (portable shrines) all over the city and into the ocean. On the second day, they run around with the shrines at Ohara Elementary School.
Taito Beach (太東)

Misakicho-nakahara, Isumi City いすみ市岬町中原 Google maps
Open July 18-August 20, 2015
Taito Lighthouse 太東灯台

Taito, Isumi City いすみ市太東
The only lighthouse in the area. Placed up on the Taito cliff sides offering scenic views of the Pacific and surrounding area. Was used as a backdrop in a drama once. The road up is a paved single lane road, be wary of oncoming traffic.
Opened year round.
Ohara Beach (大原)

Fukahori, Isumi City いすみ市深堀 Google maps
Open July 18-August 25, 2015
Ohara Sake Festival
On the main shopping street in front of the Ohara Station. Come and taste the local brewery's finest brews (nihonshu - sake). Buy a sake cup for 300 yen and drink all the nihonshu you can. A day for getting publicly drunk.
Late March, usually around the 28th or the 29th


Address (JP)
Address (ENG)

Take a drive along Route 128 and there are plenty of ramen shops to fulfill even the most ramen hungry stomachs.

Teishoku (set meals)

On Route 128 right next to Beisia in Ohara. Conveniently located and conveniently priced.

This family owned restaurant is one of the best eat-outs in the area. An ALT favorite for the past few years. The teishoku portions are enormous and are very decently priced. Definitely try the ninnikku teishoku or the shouganikku teishoku. The garlic flavored meat dish or the ginger flavored meat dish served on a bed of cabbage with white rice, miso soup, and a seasonal side dish are to die for.

Located in Kuniyoshi. Right across from the Superland grocery store.

Japanese Italian

Main road in Kuniyoshi leading to Mobara, past the Post Office and MiniStop.

A decent place to get Italian-styled pizzas. The pasta is lacking but the restaurant atmosphere is pretty nice.
Rice Shower

Located just north of Campagna and Asuka on the same road to Mobara.

Decently priced traditional Japanese cuisine. Your choice of teishoku or other dishes. Large enough to accomodate large groups of people for nomikais and the like.

In Ohara between Beisie and Kaneyo

A relatively new Indian restaurant. They offer an all you can eat curry lunch and dinner.
Pizza & burgers

On Route 128 in Ohara. It is right next to the CAINZ Home and Beisia Super Center.

British-style thin crust pizzas are delicious and reasonably priced and the burgers are definitely within budget with an excellent taste. *No Longer in Business.
Family restaurant

Located on Route 128 in Misaki. Next to the McDonald's.


Right next door to the MiniStop on the 128

If you want thick noodles and broth, this little ramen shop is the place to go. Purchase your ramen ticket at the door and enjoy! Table seating or bar seating available.
Family restaurant

Located on Route 128 in Ohara

This is a 24 hr joint to satisfy any craving at any time of day.
Fast food

The only one around town conveniently located in Misaki on Route 128

Check back often, like most McDonald's in Japan, they have seasonal menus that are on a whole pretty good.
Jamaican/ Osaka soul food

Located on Route 128 in Misaki

Jerk chicken and tartar chicken are highly recommended.
Chinese-Japanese (中華料理)

Located on Route 128 in Ohara

Cheap set meal that comes with choice of ramen, main rice dish, and appetizer for only 700 yen. Teppan-gyoza also tastes amazing and is authentically Chinese. *No longer in Ohara, it has been replaced by a Taiwanese restaurant. There is still one in Mobara.

Located on Route 128 in Ohara

Café Boba
World cuisine/specialty drinks

Located on Route 128 in Misaki

Chic and modern cafe that serves international cuisine that changes seasonally. Free wifi available. The only place to get good Boba (Bubble) Tea/Shakes/Smoothies in Isumi.

Near Cape Taitō and Taitō Lighthouse

Tucked away by the cliffside, and offers Western-style brunch items with a spectacular view of the ocean and al fresco dining.
Ramen/Katsuura tantanmen

Located on Route 128 right before Namihana Elementary School

A smaller location than the main store in Ichinomiya, they serve the best tantanmen (spicy ramen) outside of Katsuura with interesting fusions such as tonkotsu tantanmen, wasabi tonkotsu ramen, and many others! *No longer in business!

Located on Route 128 in Misaki, right across from K's Denki

Another delicious ramen house. Tsukemen is highly recommended here. Larger locations also in Ichinomiya and Mobara.
MOS Burger
Burgers and hot dogs

Located on Route 128 in Ohara, next to 7-11

Ethnic Cafe Clover

Located on Route 128 in Misaki

Small, quiet cafe that serves decent Thai cuisine.

Daily Life Resources


Address (JP)
Address (ENG)
Beisia (ベイシア)

On Route 128 in Ohara
Big Target-like supermarket that sells groceries, clothes, etc.
Cainz Home (カインズホーム)

On Route 128, right next to Beisia
Home and garden supply store.
Recycle Shop

On Route 128, right next to Cainz
Sells random used items in great/decent conditions (including bikes and appliances) for cheap prices. They also buy used items.
Gattsu (ガッツ)

On Route 128 in Ohara, near the FamilyMart
Cheapest all-purpose grocery store in Ohara. You can find pretty much everything here.
Super Marui (スーパマルイ)

Located 1.5 blocks from JR Ohara Station
Small, medium--priced grocery store that is very close to Ohara Station.

Located on Route 128 in Misaki, same plaza as McDonald's and Coco's
New supermarket in Misaki. Offers pretty much the same things as Beisie. Prices aren't too different. They do have a fresh bakery selection near the entrance.

Located in Kuniyoshi


Located on Route 128, same plaza as Trial
Newly opened 100 yen shop!

Government Offices

Address (JP)
Address (ENG)
Isumi City - City Hall
8:00 - 17:30
7400-1 Ohara, Isumi-shi, 298-0000
10 min walk from Ohara Station, literally a few minutes away from the middle school.
First floor deals with bills and residential matters, the second floor is where the Mayor works, and the third floor is where the Board of Education is based.
Chiba Prefectural Office (県庁 kencho)
1-1 Ichiba-cho, Chuo-ku
10 min walk from JR Honchiba Station, right next to monorail Kenchomae Station
There are two buildings, the Honchousha (本庁舎) and the Nakachousha (中庁舎) that connect on 1F and 5F.
Chiba Central Police Station (中央警察署 chuo keisatsu-sho)

1-13-1 Chuo-kou, Chuo-ku
5 min walk from Chiba Minato Station (JR Keiyo, monorail)
You can update your driver's license information here.


Address (JP)
Address (ENG)
Isumi Medical Center (いすみ医療センター isumi iryou senta-)

Right off Rt 465
The biggest hospital in the area that has specialists, unlike local clinics. Formerly known as Kuniyoshi Hospital.
Katakura Dental

This is a dental clinic in Kuniyoshi when you need an oral checkup or other issues with your teeth. Bring your insurance card to register at the clinic. As a bonus, Katakura-san (the owner) is fluent in English.

Car Stuff and Places to Park


  • The JR Sotobo Line runs from Chiba City to Taito, Chojamachi, Mikado, Ohara, Namihana and then down to Katsuura/Awa-Kamogawa Stations.
  • The Wakashio is an express line that stops at Ohara Station. It runs from Awa-Kamogawa all the way to Tokyo Station. There is an extra fee that you have to pay on board, prices vary depending on where you got on and where you are going.
  • The Isumi Railway (いすみ鉄道 Isumi Tetsudo) runs about once an hour from Ohara Station east through Kuniyoshi and Otaki Station, and all the way to Kazusa-Nakano Station (上総中野駅) by Yorokeikoku. There it connects to the Kominato Railway (小湊鉄道 Kominato Tetsudo) which runs through Ichihara to Goi Station (五井駅) and connects to the Uchibo Line. The line is very infrequent but is popular with local high schoolers (who use it to get to school), train enthusiasts, and tourists in the spring when the area is covered with nanohana flowers; it was also the subject of a Japanese drama, 菜の花ラインに乗り換えて(nanohana line ni norikaete).
  • Cars are the best means of transportation in the area.

  • Buses: Kominato bus

Local Tips and Tricks/Misc.

  • Try not to miss the train, they only come once every hour in either directions. Only during the morning rush will there be multiple trains in the same hour.
  • Last trains going North end at 9 PM, but last trains going South end as late as 12:30 AM. Plan accordingly or you'll find yourself stranded or with a very expensive taxi ride.

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