Mobara City (茂原市; -shi) is a city in the middle of Chiba Prefecture. It borders Oamishirasato (Block 6), Chosei, Mutsuzawa, Chonan, Nagara (Block 7, no JETs), Ichihara (Block 8, no JETs), and Midori-ku of Chiba City (Block 1).

Festivals, Events, Tourist Spots

Mobara Park (茂原公園 mobara kouen)
Address/Date (best time to go)
Chiba City Museum of Art (千葉市美術館 chiba-shi bijutsukan)
Open 10AM-6PM (Fri/Sat until 8PM)
Closed the first Monday of every month
〒260-8733 千葉県千葉市中央区中央3-10-8
3-10-8 Chuo, Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi


Address (JP)
Address (ENG)
Burger King
fast food

The only Burger King in Chiba!
Peace Coffee (ピースコーヒー)
茂原市茂原15−5 山田ビル 1F
Yamada Building 1F, 15-5 Mobara, Mobara-shi
On the north side of Rt. 128 across from City Hall and next to McDonalds and Mobara Park.
There is another Peace Coffee nearby but this is the better one. Nice atmosphere and English-ready baristas.

Daily Life Resources


Address (JP)
Address (ENG)
ASMO (アスモ)

On the north side of Rt. 128 where it intersects with Rt. 84
Big mall with restaurants, shopping, and 100yen store. RIP movie theater that closed in 2012.
2-1-1 Takashidai, Mobara-shi
On Rt 84 where it intersects RT 128 near ASMO
Liquor store with import foods like cheese and taco fixings
Cainz Home

On the north side of Rt. 128, near Shin-Mobara Station
Everything you could ever want, like Walmart.

next to Cainz
Home and furniture. Sometimes has the same things as Cainz but more furniture and less stuff.


Address (JP)
Address (ENG)
Mobara City Hall (市役所 shiyaku-sho)
1-1 Ichiba-cho, Chuo-ku
10 min walk from JR Honchiba Station, right next to monorail Kenchomae Station
There are two buildings, the Honchousha (本庁舎) and the Nakachousha (中庁舎) that connect on 1F and 5F.
Chiba Central Police Station (中央警察署 chuo keisatsu-sho)

1-13-1 Chuo-kou, Chuo-ku
5 min walk from Chiba Minato Station (JR Keiyo, monorail)
You can update your driver's license information here.


Address (JP)
Address (ENG)
Chiba University Hospital (千葉大学病院)

Serious illnesses. Need referral letter and previous doctor must make appointment.

Car Stuff and Places to Park

  • There are a few lots by Mobara Station you can park in if you're driving to Mobara and taking the train from there. Don't recommend the AEON lot. Instead, approaching Mobara from the south (the side with the 7/11), take the tiny left before the last light before the taxi/bus well. Follow little signs for Chiyoda Parking (千代田駐車場). It's 700 yen/day weekdays, 500 yen/day weekends. Pay after you park at the little stall/hut and it's a minute or two walk from the station.


  • JR Mobara Station is along the Sotobo Line that goes around the southeast coast from Chiba City to Awa-Kamogawa. There is the local line (各駅停車 kaku-eki tei-sha) and the rapid (快速 kaisoku) that both stop at Mobara Station. (The rapid only goes as far south as Kazusa-Ichinomiya.)
  • Some trains are actually the Keiyo Line, and run to Soga and Tokyo without stopping at Chiba Station. Of these, the fastest is the Wakashio (わかしお), a limited express (特急 tokkyuu) that requires you to pay an extra seat fee on top of the normal train fare (pay it on the train when the guy checks your ticket).

  • Buses: The Kominato buses run in all directions, even to the airports. Here is how to navigate the Kominato Bus site.
    • Click the third option on the search page to check the map by area (just know the kanji for the place you want to go) to find the number for the bus you should take and see where the buses run.
    • Go back to the search page and click the second option to find the bus timetable. Choose the bus stop you're departing from by clicking the blue button on the right that says 停留所選択, then click the yellow button on the bottom that says 出発地停留所時刻表[PDF].
    • On the left side of each table you should see the bus numbers. The second column says the bus destination. Find your bus and click the yellow button on the right (停留所時刻表) for the time schedule.
    • The schedule will open as a PDF. The number on the left indicates the hour, and the numbers in the other columns indicate the minutes. For example, 5 00 means the bus comes at 5AM, 16 45 means 4:45PM. The first column (blue) is weekdays (平日 heijitsu), the second (green) is Saturday (土曜 doyou), and the third (pink) is Sundays/holidays (日祝日 nichi-shukujitsu).

Local Tips and Tricks/Misc.

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