Chiba City (千葉市; -shi) Chuo-ku (中央区) is the administrative ward of the prefecture, home to Chiba Station, Chiba City Hall, and the Chiba Prefectural Government Offices.
Other wards in Chiba City:

Festivals, Events, Tourist Spots

Chiba Park (千葉公園 chiba kouen)
About 10min walk from Chiba Station or get off at Chiba-kouen on the monorail
A park that is pretty big for being so close to the city center. Lots of trees but space for picnics as well. Bring bug spray.
Chiba City Museum of Art (千葉市美術館 chiba-shi bijutsukan)
Open 10AM-6PM (Fri/Sat until 8PM)
Closed the first Monday of every month
〒260-8733 千葉県千葉市中央区中央3-10-8
3-10-8 Chuo, Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi
Chiba Zoological Park (動物公園 doubutsu kouen)
Closed Mondays
Get off at Doubutsu-koen Station on the monorail
Red pandas!
Bayside Jazz Festival

Fri 10/3-Sat 10/4 at various venues in Chiba City
Professional and amateur jazz all over the city, even on the monorail. Some venues are free, main ones are about 6000.
Chiba Port Tower

113m tall tower. See the sunrise, illuminations, other events.
1 Chuoko, Chuo-ku, Chiba City
15 min walk from Chiba-minato (JR Keiyo Line, Chiba Urban Monorail)


For detailed reviews (in Japanese) of restaurants in the Chuo-ku area, check out the Lunch King.
Address (JP)
Address (ENG)

Near Keisei Chiba Station

It's Starbucks
the Hub (ハブ)
千葉市中央区富士見2-4-9 ラフィネビルB1F
B1F Rafine Bldg. 2-4-9 Fujimi, Chuo-ku
From Chiba Station East exit, head to the right and take the middle street (not the main road to Yodobashi or the narrow one closest to the tracks) and it's on the right, look for the stairs leading down.
5PM-12AM weekdays, 4-2AM weekends;
Happy hour 5-7 weekdays and 4-7 weekends
An ALT and foreign resident favorite
Ocean Deep
2-1-5 Shinchiba Chuo-ku
From Chiba West exit, turn left then down the stairs onthe right. Ocean Deep is 1min. straight ahead.
6PM-12AM (6PM-3AM Fri Sat)
Closed Mon
Happy hour 6-8 Tues-Fri
International bar with a club feel, little seating.
Bubbles (バブルズ)
千葉市中央区新千葉1-3-18 2F
2F 1-3-18 Shinchiba, Chuo-ku
From Chiba West exit, turn left and it's on the second floor of the building with the black and yellow sign.
Lunch (Weekdays) 11:30-14:30 (L.O 14:00)
Dinner 17:00-24:00 (L.O 23:30)
Izakaya/pub with more of a restaurant feel. Cheap nomihodai and great for parties.

Exit Chiba East exit and take a left, it's down a short flight of stairs.
There's another Tully's in Perie, to the right of the East exit, down the stairs, and around the corner to the right.

Same as Starbucks
Rix's Cafe
Ichifuji(?) Bldg 2-2-5 Shinjuku, Chuo-ku
On the corner next to Chiba Chuo Station (on the other side of the station from the underground one)

Cozy cafe with delicious homemade cakes. OK for lunch or light dinner.
Tres Bien (トレービアン)

Outside Chiba Station East exit, walk along the rainbow building and it's on the corner right as you get to the side streets.

Pasta and delicious desserts!
cafe Yummy Waffle
千葉市中央区富士見2-4-3 喜楽ビル 4F
4F Kiraku? Yoshimoto? Bldg 2-4-3 Fujimi, Chuo-ku
Outside Chiba Station East exit, walk along the rainbow building and straight onto the side street along the tracks. One of the first buildings on your left on the 4th floor.

Small and a little pricey but perfect waffles
Lava & Cafe (ラバ&カフェ)
Western food


Great for impressing visitors to Chiba. Great food and atmosphere any time of day or night.
Cafe Blue
千葉市中央区弁天町1-30-1 ゴールデンマンション 1F
1F Golden Mansion 1-30-1 Bentenchou, Chuo-ku
6 min walk from Chiba Station

Macrobiotic cafe; possibly closed?
Village Vanguard
千葉市中央区中央2-2-2 千葉パルコ 8F
8F Parco 2-2-2 Chuo, Chuo-ku
PARCO 8F (15 min walk from Chiba Station or 100m from monorail Yoshikawa Koen)
Lunch until 16:00
Burgers! Heard they changed their meat and it's not as good though.
I Luv Pizza

Thailand (タイランド)
Thai food
千葉市中央区富士見2-22-18 ベストプランニングビルB1F
B1F Best Planning Bldg. 2-22-18 Fujimi, Chuo-ku
8 min walk from Chiba Station East exit, near Chiba Chuo.
Lunch 11-15:00
Dinner 17:00-23:00
Closed March, 2015
Amour (アムール)
sweets & bar
4-3 Honchiba-cho, Chuo-ku
Near Keisei Chiba Chuo, short walk from Honchiba, Kenchomae, Yoshikawa Koen
Closed Mondays
T-Sat 11AM-5AM
Sun/holidays 11AM-3AM

A little pricey for lunch but delicious cakes and it's a bar!
Caffe' Pranzo (カフェ・プランツォ)
2-7-16 Nagazu, Chuo-ku
Near Honchiba Station
Closed Thursdays
A tiny pasta cafe with a quaint atmosphere. Pasta half-off Tuesdays!

National Chains

  • McDonald's - by Chiba Station izakaya area
  • Lotteria
  • KFC
  • First Kitchen
  • Subway - across from PARCO
  • Freshness Burger
  • Starbucks Coffee - by Keisei Chiba
  • Tully's Coffee - (1) basement corner of Perie right from Chiba Station East (2) left from Chiba Station East
  • Gusto - by Chiba Station izakaya area
  • Denny's - by Chiba Station on the way to Parco
  • Mister Donut - on the mid-floor before the monorail gate

Daily Life Resources


Address (JP)
Address (ENG)
PARCO (パルコ)
2-2-2 Chuo, Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi
Right across from monorail Yoshikawa-koen, 15 min walk from Chiba Station or take the bus from Chiba Station (boarding spot #16). Parking is available.
Parco has tons of shops and restaurants! There's a GU (similar to Uniqlo) right next door.
SOGO (そごう千葉)
〒260-8557 千葉市中央区新町1000
1000 Shinmachi, Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi
Right next to JR Chiba Station

JUNNU (ジュンヌ)

Connected to SOGO

Perie (ペリエ)

Located right next to JR Chiba Station east (main) exit, right inside where the rainbow wall is.
Lots of Japanese ladies' fashion stores and some restaurants in the basement including Bagel by Bagel and Tully's. ATM at the entrance but always crowded.
Treasure Island

Located next to PARCO
Used clothing store

Gym/Fitness Center

Address (JP)
Address (ENG)
Zexis (ゼクシス)
10-about 21:00,
closed Fridays

By monorail Yoshikawa Koen; across from PARCO. Around the corner from 7/11, take the escalator by the bikes to the 3rd floor. About 10 min walk from Chiba Station.
The most facilities for the best price in Chiba City. Has a pool, aerobic machines, classes, weights, gym/courts, and sauna.

Government Offices

Address (JP)
Address (ENG)
Chiba Prefectural Office (県庁 kencho)
1-1 Ichiba-cho, Chuo-ku
10 min walk from JR Honchiba Station, right next to monorail Kenchomae Station
There are two buildings, the Honchousha (本庁舎) and the Nakachousha (中庁舎) that connect on 1F and 5F.
Parking is available on the bridge side of the Kencho (can only enter by turning left), but you need to check in and get a stamp from the department you visit.
Chiba City Hall (市役所 shiyakusho)

1-1 Chiba Minato, Chuo-ku
15 min walk from Chiba Station or right next to monorail Shiyakusho-mae
Connected to Community Center by pedestrian bridge
Chiba Central Community Center (中央コミュニティーセンター chuo komyuniti senta)

2-1 Chiba Minato, Chuo-ku
15 min walk from Chiba Station or next to monorail Shiyakusho-mae

Chiba Central Police Station (中央警察署 chuo keisatsu-sho)

1-13-1 Chuo-kou, Chuo-ku
5 min walk from Chiba Minato Station (JR Keiyo, monorail)
You can update your driver's license information here.


Address (JP)
Address (ENG)
Chiba University Hospital (千葉大学病院)

Serious illnesses. Need referral letter and previous doctor must make appointment.

Car Stuff and Places to Park

Most places have small car parks nearby, but confirm the price before you park there.


  • JR Chiba Station is one of the most convenient stations in the prefecture. It connects to (lines colored to how they often appear on maps)
    • Sobu/Yokosuka Express line to Tokyo and Shinagawa
    • Sobu/Chuo Local line to Tokyo and Shinagawa
    • Sotobo line to Oami (change to Togane line), Kazusa-Ichinomiya, Awa-Kamogawa (Blocks 6, 7, 8)
    • Uchibo line to Kimitsu, Tateyama, Chikura and connects to Sotobo line at Awa-Kamogawa (Block 8)
    • Sobu Main line to Sakura, Naruto (transfer to Togane line), and Choshi (Blocks 4 and 5)
    • Narita line to Narita and Choshi (Blocks 4 and 5)
  • The JR Keiyo line (follows the Sotobo or Uchibo line going south) which goes to Kaihin-Makuhari (Block 2) and Tokyo Station, stops at Soga Station (change to Sotobo, Uchibo, and Sobu Main line) and Chiba-minato (change to the monorail). The Keiyo line does NOT stop at Chiba Station.
  • Keisei Chiba Station is within walking distance of JR Chiba and connects to the Keisei line to Yachiyo (Block 2) and Ueno in Tokyo. At Tsudanuma Station, you can change to the Shin-Keisei line, which goes to Matsudo and Kamagaya (Block 3).
  • The Chiba Urban Monorail, the longest suspended monorail in the world, runs within Chiba City. One segment of the line runs from Chishirodai to Monorail Chiba Station and Chiba-minato. The other segment runs from Kencho-mae to Monorail Chiba Station and Chiba-minato.

  • Buses: No idea.

Local Tips and Tricks/Misc.

  • The closest ATM to Chiba Station is the small one right of the East exit before you go down the stairs to Perie. But the lines are always long, so you can take out money at the Family Mart on the other side of the bus circle (either go left from the East exit or go right and cross the street via the underground passage). There are also 7/11, Daily, and Family Mart within a few minutes walking distance.
  • There's a Chibagin ATM up the escalator to the monorail ticket gate on the left. It's not open as late as conbinis but fees are less.

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